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What is a Subsistence Grant?

Subsistence Grants help provide financial aid for people to be able to afford things life rent, food, childcare and other day to day essentials. Of which the costs can mount up and become unaffordable for people. 

Here at SAWN we are able to work with other agencies to help provide these vital funds grants for those most at need in our communities.

Below are just some of the agencies we have worked with to provide the grants.


SAWN continues to be a trusted referral partner with Turn2us. Successfully applying and administering grants on behalf of Black African women and recognising the ongoing hardship that Covid 19 and the Cost of Living Crisis has caused. Particularly for those with no recourse to public funds. 

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council Household Fund

SAWN in partnership with Action Together have distributed grants on behalf of Oldham Council. Reaching out to Black African families and vulnerable people in Oldham during the difficulties of the Cost of Living Crisis.

280 families have been supported to date with furniture and other essential items preventing further crisis and potential family breakdown. 

Smallwood/ The Children’s Society Grant 

Funding via SAWN was provided to support women through Covid 19 and the period of recovery afterwards. Recognising that there was increasing and ongoing impact of Covid 19 and the Cost of Living Crisis on African women and children, 120 women and families have been supported via this grant. 

ACTS 435

SAWN as a trusted referral partner has accessed funding to support women and families to support individual need, prevent further crisis and enable people to move forward with their lives positively. 

Young Women’s Trust

The Young Women’s Trust was instrumental in getting emergency funds, twice, to young women who would have had no support otherwise. 

The Trust also gave women laptops to enable digital inclusion so girls would participate in school and socialising during lockdown.  Many of our young women are also benefiting from other services like mentoring continually.