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Whilst the last year has seen an increase in demand for the services and support SAWN offers, we are proud to
have responded positively and proactively ensuring marginalised Black African women and their
families have a voice that is heard and the opportunity to be the best they can be irrespective 

of their status and the barriers they face daily. 

In the last 12 months SAWN has supported 1003 women and their families to access various projects to provide support.

 Projects and support delivered during this year include the following:

In the current climate we have seen an increased demand for pre-loved, affordable furniture for people faced with hardship. 

We are able to provide customers with a wide variety of options when they come to shop at our Hub. Ranging from sofa’s and chairs to fridge freezers. In partnership with The Children’s Society and as part of the Oldham Community Crisis Response Support, SAWN has continued to provide 310 subsistence and basic furniture packs to Black African and BME families. 

For more information about our Furniture Hub click here

Stones and Roses Achievements Towards Independence (SARATI) Is our peer group led by our SAWN sisters and it continues to grow and the group meet weekly. The group shows peer support in action and showcases how the women of the group have grown in confidence, resilience and in so many other ways too. 

The group currently consists of 45 women. Our sisters see SARATI as their space, their place the use their voice where they support each other both formally and informally. 

The agenda and topics are suggested and set by the women of the group and there are also guest speakers invited along to speak about a variety of topics. 

Agatha’s Space is a new peer led support group that has emerged from SARATI. 

The group supports Black African women with HIV and AIDS and provides a safe confidential space for them to come together weekly. 

The group allows the women to support each other and bond along with giving them confidence and the power to thrive in their community. For more information about the group click here.

GROWE (in partnership with Northern Lily CIC) is a service offering women experiencing food poverty the chance to gain skills and training that could lead to a variety of green careers, improve their health and wellbeing, support learning and learn how to grow fruit and vegetables. 

 In June 2022 GROWE acquired  a new eco-friendly space on a derelict acre of land with 166 tree orchard in need of restoration in Failsworth. This new space will help us continue our work and also allow us to expand our vision to develop new, social enterprise and wellbeing initiatives that are delivered in a natural outdoor space.