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Whilst the last year has seen an increase in demand for the services and support SAWN offers, we are proud to
have responded positively and proactively ensuring marginalised Black African women and their
families have a voice that is heard and the opportunity to be the best they can be irrespective 

of their status and the barriers they face daily. 

In the last 12 months SAWN has supported over 2000 women and their families to access various projects to provide support.

 Projects and support delivered during this year include the following:





Our Furniture Hub continues to provide the best shopping experience for people using the hub, providing them with a great choice of stock. SAWN continues to provide furniture packs for those most in need.


 In partnership with The Children’s Society and as part

of the Oldham Community Crisis Response support, SAWN has continued to provide 630 subsistence and basic furniture packs to Black African families and the local community.


For more information about our Furniture Hub click here

You can keep up to date with our Furniture Hub and on our eBay page on our Facebook page.

You can also buy from our eBay page to support SAWN here.



SARATI continues to grow and meet weekly and is now led by the women in the group. 

105 women engage in person and online via zoom every week. Women see this as their space, their place using their voice where they support each other in different ways. 

The agenda and topics are suggested and set by the women in the group with guest speakers invited to speak about a variety of topics. 

For more information about SARATI visit our Facebook page.

 Agatha’s Space supports women with HIV and provides a safe confidential space for Black African women living with HIV and Aids to come together weekly.

The group allows women supporting each other to become contributing, resilient people in their community confidently and confidentially, sharing information and informing lives.


 For more information about the group click here.

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  The aim of the SAWN Growing Space is to empower black, African women and the wider community to act for a greener and healthier planet. By increasing participation with nature and climate action, creating a safe and inclusive space where women and the community can become climate champions and access activities to connect with nature. 

This amplifies the wellbeing benefits further for both individuals and communities experiencing food poverty through gaining skills to grow and access organic fruit and vegetables improving health and well being whilst supporting marginalised women to grow.

25 women meet weekly performing a range of songs in
a variety of African languages, improving mental health and wellbeing alongside making

Here are just a few things our Sisters said about the choir;


“We are not alone when we meet with our SAWN sisters, we are one. We can forget everything that is happening when we sing if only for a short while, we can be happy”. 


“We forget the issues when we start to sing and dance if only for a minute”

SAWN has recently purchased it’s first home, Kadalie House, a safe
space for single Black African women, some with no recourse to public funds.

This will enable women to recharge, reflect and plan for a better future. We aim to charge a low rent to those who can pay and support those who can’t by providing them with a little respite and breathing space to enable women to move forward and overcome issues and barriers that
affect every aspect of their life.

SAWN offers a wide range of services and works with individuals providing one to one support to help them overcome difficulties, these include:

  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, stress, depression
  • Multiple forms of Poverty
  • Domestic violence
  • Language barriers
  • Lack of family and community support networks
  • Parenting
  • Low educational achievement and unrecognised skills/qualifications
  • Immigration status
  • HIV
  • FGM

SAWN work in partnership with a variety of agencies to provide Subsistence Grants to our families and communities.


You can find out more here about the current partners we work with to provide this vital funding.