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Support and Action for Women’s Network – SAWN was established in 2007 to promote the welfare of Black African women in Oldham.


SAWN work predominantly with Black African women and families, who are first generation immigrants in the UK. These families are a minority within the BAME community, especially in Oldham. Many of whom are living with poor mental health and physical health.


We are very proud to provide a space for women to be brave and vulnerable. Women tell us that SAWN is a safe space where they are not judged and they no longer have to suffer in silence.


Our services have grown and developed and we are now able to offer a variety of opportunities, support groups and services to help our sisters flourish. 


Here at SAWN we work with other organisations to provide a wide variety of services and projects to engage with our community. Through our work we aim to break down barriers and create inclusivity. We support women to have a voice promoting inclusion and equity.

SAWN continues to be an active partner within the Mama Health & Poverty Partnership (MHaPP). A collective of individual organisations that work with Black African Women throughout the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. 

SAWN in partnership with MHaPP has linked with Salford University to provide placements to Mental Health student nurses. This will increase their awareness and knowledge of issues faced by the women we support. As well as the importance and value of community based culturally appropriate support.


We believe that our job is to inspire, educate and help our SAWN sisters become strong, independent women. 


For more information about the projects and services we offer click here.

Just some of our amazing SAWN sisters.