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Working with Communities to better manage and protect their money.

’empowering and educating communities.

Our Services

Our services focus on providing the following advice, support, and participation

Raising awareness on Money Matters in the UK
Provide basic, practical money management support
Advice on energy-saving and other household outgoings
Assist with future financial planning and how to save
Information on budgeting and living within means

Advice and support regarding benefit entitlements, e.g. Universal Credit, Pensions, and other benefits
Provide basic information on financial products and services available
Provide Money Matters Champions who can share knowledge and information in the community on money-related issues
A drop-in service providing information, signposting, and advice on basic money matters.


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What We Do

Section 1

Train, educate, and provide opportunities to raise awareness on financial issues

Section 2

One-to-one service at the drop-in e.g. debt advice, living on a budget, pensions, etc.

Section 3

Reaching communities through our Money Matters Champions


Section 4

Provide a service that meets the specialist needs of Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) women by giving them a voice


Section 5

Working with other organisations and advocates for BAME women e.g. jobcentre, community support workers, etc.


Contact Our Project Managers

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