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Here at SAWN we are committed to doing everything we can to help with climate change and the environment. 

We are proud of the services and projects that we have established that are aimed at helping the environment, sustainability and all while helping our SAWN sisters.

Below you can read a little more about our environmentally friendly projects.

SAWN Sisters at COP26

Back in 2021 our SAWN Sisters went to COP 26, a conference held by the United Nations all about the environment and making sure that everyone plays their part in taking care of the planet. 

Our sisters came back with lots of information and ready to get to work on lots of planet friendly projects!


Dorothy's Duvet

Dorothy’s Duvet is a project where old and unwanted bed linen, including duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets, are reused and made into clothes.


The bed linen makes its way to Uganda where mothers are able to use the fabric to make clothes for their families. 


This amazing projects not only helps mothers provide new clothes for their children that they would not usually be able to afford, but it also means that they bed linens that would usually end up in landfill are given a new lease of life and recycled.

Our SAWN sister, Judith, also used some of the offcuts from the bed linens to make gorgeous brightly coloured rugs. She also used dressmakers scraps in the rugs to add some colour.

Biofuel Project

SAWN sisters Joy, Fola and Carol are supporting a Bio Fuel project in Uganda. 

The project involves supporting women in Uganda who are rearing pigs. They are then using the pigs waste to create a biofuel. Any other waste is then used as manure to help with farming. 

The biofuel is then used to help people cook in their homes.

Creative Eco Art

SAWN sister Siphiwe, took unwanted, unused scraps of fabric along with wool and other items to  give them a new life by creating art. 

Siphiwe created a of 3D art piece of called, Our Life, Our Planet, Our Being. To create the piece she recycled fabric off cuts, wool and grass. 

The Thomas Bug Hotel Project

The Thomas Bug Hotel project is a community project where families and children were able to make their very own bug hotel. All while learning about the importance of wildlife and how they help our environment.

Kwara State Poultry Project

Our Poultry Manure Project in Kwara State is a fantastic way of reducing the use of environmentally unfriendly fertilisers and other harmful products in farming. 

Polutry waste is collected and dried out in the sun and then used as manure on fruit and vegetables. 

A fantastic way of reducing a harmful footprint while growing fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Rose's Eco Home

SAWN sister, Rose, has made some small changes in her home to make sure that she is doing her bit to help the planet. Rose has introduced making her own compost out of food waste and then using the compost to help grow her own vegetables. She is also trying to use less water and heating using less water and limiting the use of heating.  The family have also chopped down overgrown trees and recycled what was left of them by making a garden bench from the tree stumps!

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