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What is Agatha’s Space? 

Agatha’s Space is a new peer led, support group that started through our other support group, SARATI, (Stones and Roses Achievements Towards Independence) supporting Black African women with HIV and AIDS and providing a safe, confidential space for those living with HIV and AIDS to come together weekly.

Why did we set up Agatha’s Space?

We thought it was really important to support Black African women living with HIV and AIDS in our community to show them that they are not alone and can have a safe, confidential space to support them in a variety of ways and to also show them that they can thrive and not just survive.


Who can come to Agatha’s Space?

Agatha’s Space is a safe space for Black African women who are living with HIV and AIDS. The group is here to offer advice, support and the opportunity to be around others who can empathise, develop personal confidence and connect with others.


When and is Agatha’s Space held?

You can join us every week at Agatha’s Space, for more information about joining us you can call us on 07919011140, email us at or connect with us on Twitter and Instagram.