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What is Agatha’s Space? 

Agatha’s Space is a peer led, support group that started through our support group SARATI, (Stones and Roses Achievements Towards Independence) supporting Black African women living with HIV in Oldham and Greater Manchester to  provide a safe, confidential space for  those living with the condition to come together and empower each other to regain confidence in who they are.

Why did we set up Agatha’s Space?

We think it is important to support Black African women( but not exclusively) living with HIV in our community to show them that they are not alone and can have a safe, confidential space to support them. 


We also want to support our communities to understand that people living with HIV on effective medication can not transmit the virus after some time, can have healthy children without the virus and can not transmit to their partner, Undetectable is equal to Untransmittable.

Figures from the UK Health Security Agency show 2,327 patients in Oldham were tested for HIV in 2021 equivalent to 50.1% of those eligible.
More than 6,000 people are thought to be living with HIV and are receiving care with further estimated 5% unaware of it in Greater Manchester, Oldham being part of it.
It was a different story across England, where HIV testing coverage has stayed at 45.0% for the last few years a significant decline on 64.9% in 2019.
On the eve of World AIDS day 2021, leaders from across Greater Manchester including the Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham reaffirmed their commitment to end all new HIV transmissions on HIV within a generation. At Agatha space we join this commitment by conducting HIV awareness campaigns and encourage people of Oldham and Greater Manchester to understand U=U.

Who can come to Agatha’s Space?

Any Black African woman (but not exclusively) living with HIV. They can refer themselves or be referred by a medical professional. The group is here to offer advice, support and the opportunities to be around others who can empathise and develop personal confidence and connect with others.


When and is Agatha’s Space held?

We meet every Monday from 11am-1pm. For more information call us on 07383146380 or email us at