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Support and Action for Womens Network SAWN (1920 × 800 px)

Who does SAWN support?

Here at Support and Action for Women's Network we support Black African women in our community to help them thrive and become independent and confident individuals.

What we are here to do?

How we can help you?


Our Support Hub provides a safe space for Black African women, where they are able to learn how to become self- sufficient members of the community and support their peers.

Furniture Hub

Our Furniture Hub allows anyone to buy  pre-loved items at an affordable price. If you would also like to donate an item of furniture let us know.

SAWN Growing Space

Our very own growing space provides access to green space to grow food and create opportunities for women, whilst increasing participation with climate action.

Island of Sanctuary

A safe space for single

Black African women, where they can recharge, reflect and plan their future with confidence. 

What people say about SAWN

We love hearing from those we have supported and helped along their journey, here are just a few of the things they said.

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